New Send SMS options

New Send SMS options

The WinSMS client zone Send SMS functionality has been removed. We have better systems in place that can be used to send a single message or to send bulk messages. These systems are based on better technology, therefore they are easier to use, more robust and have more functionality. 

The Four SMS Sending Options

If you log into the WinSMS Client Zone here and click on the "Send SMS" button the following pop-up will be displayed. 

You will have four options to choose from. 
  1. - Choose this option if you want to send SMS messages straight away without having to install any software. You can go straight to and log in with your existing WinSMS username and password without having to log into The WinSMS client zone. For tips, tricks, and instructions on how to use please click here 
  2. WinSMS Desktop Software - Choose this option if you want to download and install software on your Windows PC. For tips, tricks, and instructions on how to install and use the WinSMS desktop client please click here.
  3. Email to SMS - Here you can authorize your email address and add any other email addresses for Sender Address Authentication. For tips, tricks, and instructions on how to use Email To SMS please click here.
  4. WinSMS APIs - Choose this option if you are a software developer or would like to find information to send your developer.
If you used the Send SMS button previously then it is recommended you go with option 1 and use

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