How to schedule an SMS message in the WinSMS desktop application

How to schedule an SMS message in the WinSMS desktop application

WinSMS desktop client software

Messages can be scheduled once to be sent on a specific date and time in the future or you can repeat a scheduled message to be sent hourly, daily, weekly, monthly or yearly.

How to do a once-off message schedule

To schedule an SMS message using the WinSMS desktop client software check the schedule tick-box, select the date and time you want your SMS message to go off. 


How to repeat a scheduled message

To repeat a scheduled message, you check the schedule tick-box like before, select the date and time to the first day and time the schedule needs to run, select how many times you would like to repeat the schedule by increasing the number next to 'Repeat' and finally select how often you need the schedule to run by selecting either 'Hours', 'Days', 'Weeks', 'Months' or 'Years' from the drop-down menu.

Please note: 
You will pay upfront (in credits) for the messages that you schedule as it will be set up on our server to send at the specified times and allows you to close your application without influencing the schedule.

Should you have made a mistake or are unhappy with the schedule for any reason, you can go to the 'Scheduled' tab and delete the schedule. Your credits will then be refunded to your account.


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