Marketing vs. Transactional SMS

Marketing vs. Transactional SMS

Marketing and Transactional SMS messages are the two primary types of SMS messages that businesses send. It is important to understand the characteristics of each type of message for you to know if you can apply for a Transactional Routing Profile, which will prioritize the delivery of your messages.

Marketing SMS Messages

This type of SMS message is for bulk advertisements and promotions that are sent for brand awareness, product or service advertisements and do not rely on time sensitive information to be delivered within a certain timeframe. This type of messaging does not require any routing change, as by default a WinSMS account submits all SMS messages via the Marketing Routing Profile. It is important to note that this route will not deliver SMS messages to cell numbers listed on the WASPA “Do Not Contact” database. For more information about WASPA "Do Not Contact", click here.

Transactional SMS Messages

These include OTPs (One Time Pins), tracking information, booking and purchase confirmations and all transactional SMS messages that are time sensitive and non-promotional. If you send these types of messages, then you can apply for a Transactional Routing Profile. This routing profile will also bypass the WASPA “Do Not Contact” list. 

To apply for a changeover to the Transactional Routing Profile, simply log in to the Client Zone here then next to “Routing Profile” on the welcome page beneath your credit balance, select “Click here to apply for a Transactional Routing Profile” and fill out the required fields in the application form. We will then review the application and advise on the outcome.

If you want to send marketing SMS messages once your account has been switched to a transactional messaging routing profile, you will need to create a new main or new sub account.

If you are unsure what type of SMS you submit (or plan to submit), please contact our support department here

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